Let's face it, most vacations you have in mind would probably cost you thousands of dollars if you were hop into a taxi cab to the airport right this instance. Whether your vacation has you surfing the waves near the California beaches or drinking some homemade wine from Chianti, Italy you won't be able to fully experience your holiday vacation unless you have a lot of money saved up or coming your way.

While you might not be able to fully experience your true holiday vacation that doesn't mean you can't experience your holiday vacation in some sort of manner. To do so you would have to travel on a budget and cut some corners here and there. That could mean instead of renting out a villa in Tuscany you could crash at friend's house or stay at a hostel to save yourself some money. Or, if you were planning on stay at a five star resort, bed & breakfast or top-notch hotel that charged way too much per night you could stay at a cheaper motel instead. Try a "make your own offer" on discount sites like Hotwire.com. Cutting your travel lodgings costs would help you out immensely when figuring out a way to go on your holiday vacation and you have to remember you're not going on vacation to stay inside all day long.

Another way to afford your holiday vacation is by saving on airfare. If the travel destination you want to visit while on your vacation away from your home is within driving distance you might want to go on a road trip instead of getting there by plane. You can use the money you would have spent on airline tickets and put it towards the funds for gas, food, lodging and souvenirs. If flying to your travel destination is a must then use travel saving websites such as Expedia or Travelocity to help you search for the lowest airfare possible. Any money you save on your plane tickets the more you can use while sightseeing.

Many cities tourists flock to will have plenty of attractions to take in. Most travelers will want to see as much of the city as possible and do as many things as they can possibly can. That can add up over time. In order to save some money you should research to see if there are any attractions that offer free admission and hit up as many as you can. You should also pack a lunch so that you don't blow your money on overpriced food and drink items wherever you go during your vacation.

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