Depending on which part of the country you live in you might be forced to purchase a set of seasonal tires in addition to the standard tires your vehicle came pre-equipped with. Sure, buying an extra set of tires adds to the costs you already put into your vehicle but if you live in a city where it rains or snows a lot throughout the year you want to be driving around in the safest vehicle possible. That's something that might not happen if your car has tires made only for warm or dry weather.

What you mainly need to know about seasonal tires is that they're tires that are created with unique tread, which are made specifically for certain weather conditions. Some seasonal tires are best for winter driving around your piece of town, some seasonal tires are made to excel in the rain and other seasonal tires are ideal for off-road driving.

When choosing which seasonal tires are best for the car you'll be driving in from home to school, work or your son's hockey camp you need to look into your area's most occurring weather conditions. If you live in a city where all four seasons are given t an equal amount of spotlight then a set of all-season tires might be best. All-season tires are built with the ability to handle any type of driving condition and provide your car with tires that will perform well on dry or wet surfaces, including snow! For a car that will be in use all year round all-season tires are the most practical choice for many tire consumers.

For those that live in cold climate cities where winter tends to last longer than other areas you might want to take a look into purchasing winter tires. Be it snow, slush, or ice, winter tires are specifically designed to offer optimal traction on any and all winter road conditions. You need to be careful with winter tires as they are only meant to be used during the winter months and can't be safely used any other time of the year to drive yourself to your home.

So what happens if you do end up purchasing winter tires and you need tires for other times of the year? A set of summer tires would pair up nicely with those winter tires and offer high-performance during the summer months and can be used all-year round except the winter. One other example of seasonal tires are all-terrain tires and these tires are meant to be used on vehicles that plan to do a lot of off-road driving through mud, rocks and dirt. All-terrain tires can be used SUV vehicles all-year long but are loud and offer less treadwear.

All season tires compared to winter/snow tires

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